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The first time you upload a video to a YouTube channel with Videoflo, you will need to authorize Videoflo to access your YouTube account.

This page details how that process works.

1. Upload

Initiate the upload process with the script as detailed here.

2. Sign in with Google

A browser window will open to the website requesting that you sign in with Google. Click the Sign in with Google Butotn.

3. Choose an Account

Choose the Google account associated with your YouTube channel.

4. Allow Videoflo to Access Your YouTube Account

In order for Videoflo to automatically upload videos to your YouTube channel, you must grant it access to the Google Account associated with your YouTube channel.

Videoflo wants to access your Google account

5. Enter Verification Code

Copy the verification code from the web browser.

Paste the verification code into your command window.

Your videos will begin to upload.