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About Videoflo

I have multiple YouTube channels, each of which I could be working on multiple videos at the same time. As you might imagine, I found it hard to keep everything in order.

So to keep my video projects organized, I built Videoflo.

Using my background in software engineering, I wrote a bunch of Python scripts that automated parts of my video production process. At first it was very specific to my workflow, but I am actively working on generalizing it for anyone to use.

I estimate that Videoflo shaves off a good 75% of the mundane tasks associated with creating a YouTube video. Things like importing project files, manually scheduling videos, and inputting YouTube metadata are done automatically for you. Additionally, Videoflo keeps your video projects organized in a consistent manner from one project to the next.

Why Videoflo?

I chose the name Videoflo for three reasons:

  1. It aids in the video workflow.
  2.  My last name is Florida.
  3. It sounds cool.

Want More?

The entire project is free and open-source. Check it out on GitHub and follow me if you’re on that platform already.

If you have any questions about Videoflo, drop a comment on GitHub or email me directly at