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What is Videoflo?

Videoflo is series of Python scripts to help automate your YouTube video production workflow in DaVinci Resolve.

Not only will Videoflo eliminate many mundane aspects of video production, but it will also keep your projects organized throughout the entire process from the inception of an idea to a published upload.


Is Videoflo right for you?

If you make YouTube videos and use DaVinci Resolve to edit, then Videoflo is built specifically for you. Even better, if you simultaneously work on multiple video projects, Videoflo will work wonders for your workflow.

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1. Plan

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Trello is a free, online project manager. By leveraging the Trello API, Videoflo keeps your video project organized throughout its lifecycle. 

2. Edit

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DaVinci Resolve, a powerful video editor, has a little-known API that can perform tasks like create projects, import files, and render videos. Videoflo utilizes the DaVinci Resolve API to automate the repetitive nature of these tasks.

3. Upload

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Gone are the days of manually uploading your videos to YouTube and tediously filling out the title, description, tags, schedule, etc. Videoflo taps into the YouTube API to automatically do this for you.

How Do I Use Videoflo?

Detailed instruction for getting started can be found on the Videoflo tutorial page.